Andrew became interested in creating compositions within the electro acoustic idiom while at the University of Manitoba.  While at the School of Music he created a collection of musique concrete tape pieces using three tape recorders.  One of his responsibilities at the North East Wales Institute in the early 1990’s was the installation and management of the recording studio facilities and this led to a number of opportunities to create music for dance performances in collaboration with Duncan Holt and Fiona Bannon.  The technology used was a Tascam 16 track reel to reel recorder, Atari computer, Yamaha DX7 and SY22 synthesisers and a Roland MT32 sound module. At Colchester Institute he taught electro acoustic composition on the BA in Music and MA in Music and directed the annual Sonic Arts event which showcased student work.  Andrew’s particular interest in recent years has been the live performance of electro acoustic music.  Referential Treatment which began in 2004 has been the main focus of his work in recent years.


Happy (2011) electro acoustic composition for computer, sax and percussion

Slow Grind (2010) – electro acoustic composition for computer,  percussion and two guitars – live recording

Sounds from the Horizon (2008) – Referential Treatment with Malcolm Miles

Pulse (2003) – electronic/computer based composition

Textures (2002) – electronic/computer based composition

Spatial 2 (2001) – electro acoustic music for contemporary dance

Spatial I (2000) – electro acoustic music for contemporary dance

Electronic Organiser (1997) for 8 electric guitars and bass

Tutti for guitar, MIDI guitar and bass (1996)

The Roots of Rhythm (1992) Theatre Clwyd commission

Rainite from The Roots of Rhythm

Swoop from The Roots of Rhythm

Technically Speaking (1992) – electronic music for contemporary dance

Nineteen Ninety Two (1992) – electronic music for contemporary dance

Music For A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream (1991) – incidental music and songs

Sequencing (1990) – electronic music for contemporary dance

June (1974) – musique concrete created using piano, viola and matchbox sounds, two reel to reel tape recorders, a 4 into 2 mixer and a cassette recorder at The School of Music University of Manitoba